Can Young Plasma Reverse Aging and Cure Disease?


Jesse Karmazin, MD founded Ambrosia Plasma to study the beneficial effects of plasma transfusions from young donors. A graduate of Princeton University and Stanford Medical School, Jesse has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair and it’s no secret that he has potentially cracked the code on the fountain of youth.

At a recent Superhuman Summit talk, he shared his pioneering expertise to demonstrate how plasma transfusions from young donors may reverse the effects of aging and combat age-related diseases such as dementia and heart disease.  Ambrosia is preparing to open a series of clinics in the US to offer plasma transfusions from young donors.

Watch Jesse’s presentation to the Superhuman Summit 2017 to get a glimpse into the science behind Ambrosia. Superhuman celebrates the next evolution and brings you the latest science, technology and groundbreaking achievements in human self-enhancement.


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