Client Spotlight - BabelBark


BabelBark is the world’s only software platform for the fast growing pet industry that connects all pet services and needs in order to generate one of a kind predictive analytics.

Essentially, BabelBark connects the entire pet ecosystem, including pets, pet parents, veterinarians, pet services, insurance, product and ecommerce companies. Just as Uber and Airbnb matched previously untapped supply with latent demand, BabelBark captures and consolidates data from pets, veterinary practices, and pet services (untapped supply), then uses this data to enable services, promotions, and payments (latent demand).

By connecting the whole pet ecosystem through a single platform, BabelBark delivers mutually-reinforcing benefits with robust data driven predictive analytics on what products and services are needed and when – and in a direct to consumer solution.

The platform has benefitted from tremendous momentum over the past year and had 400% growth in 2018 with users from North America through Europe to APAC. It has more than 200,000 pets on the platform and is supported by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) which selected BabelBark as the exclusive recommended vet-pet communication platform through 2021 across their 4400+ hospitals.

In 2017, the US pet market alone was $77 billion with annual spending growth of 14% CAGR regardless of macro conditions. Within two years the industry is predicted to top $96 billion just in the USA and over $200 Billion globally.  Technologically, the pet industry is a late-comer to the digital era, thus setting the stage for massive disruption potential,” said Founder and CEO Roy Stein.

For information, please visit, email or call 617-957-7383.