Client Spotlight: Cerebri Values


The Cerebri Values system is a patent-pending machine learning model that analyzes each touchpoint in a customer’s entire journey to calculate a single metric quantifying commitment to a brand or product, at any point in time, from the customer’s point of view.

With Cerebri Values, a company can unify data sets that never talked to each other before, thus unlocking hidden value. Essentially, it is now possible to unleash the power of machine learning to dynamically track billions of data points and apply trillions of calculations to millions of unique customer journeys.

“Cerebri Values enable Next Best Actions that maximize each customer’s commitment to your brand and products, driving Key Performance Indicators’ achievement and faster revenue growth. Cerebri Artificial Intelligence’s Next Best Actions are not just delivered on the website, but at the dealership, the branch, and on the phone, " said Chief Financial Officer Arun Prakash.

M12 (Microsoft Ventures) led the company’s last round in January 2018. At that time,  it had a team of 20 and a couple of proofs of concept just getting started. Two converted to commercial deals and the company has since won a license deal with the central bank of a G7 nation. Cerebri’s solution is producing strong results which lead to revenue, such as $30M more in annual revenue for a top North American bank across 10% of their book of business and $13M more of annual revenue for a global automaker in their UK region.

At present, product advancement is strong and Cerebri has a full-stack solution including front-end user experience with data and model monitoring, as well as data science backend that is deployed on the private cloud.

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