Client Spotlight - Decennial Group


The Decennial Group is a vertically integrated real estate investment and development platform for tax-advantaged investment opportunities in Qualified Opportunity Zones in the American Heartland. The team leverages a collective track record and national network to deliver enhanced returns to investors while maximizing social impact for the communities in which they work.

As background, the Opportunity Zone program was created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and is a way to introduce long-term investment into low-income communities through tax incentives. In its simplest form, Opportunity Zone investors roll the proceeds of a capital gain sale into an Opportunity Zone Fund within 180 days of their capital gain event. When an investor invests their capital gains into an Opportunity Zone fund within 180 days of the capital gains producing event, there are three benefits:

  1. Immediate deferral of the capital gains taxes owed until 2027 (2026 tax year)
  2. A 15% step-up in tax basis when the original taxes are owed in 2027.
  3. After the minimum 10-year hold, no capital gains are owed on any profits from the fund investments.

The Opportunity Zone fund structure allows investors to unlock their original basis and reinvest the appreciation from a cap gain event in the most tax efficient method to date. These opportunity zones experience significant job creation and community development from the influx of new capital,” said Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Scott Goodman.

Decennial is a partnership of Clayco (Bob Clark), CRG (Shawn Clark), Farpoint (Scott Goodman), 11 Million Acres (Dave Pavlik) and one of the original architects of the Opportunity Zone program (Steve Glickman). Clayco is a design-build company with $3 billion in annual revenue and active projects in over 35 cities; CRG is a real estate development company with over $750,000,000 of active development projects and offices in Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Columbus, and Newport Beach; Farpoint is based in Chicago and has completed over $3 billion of office development and redevelopment in the Midwest; 11 Million Acres specializes in sustainability and energy infrastructure projects.

“Revitalizing neighborhoods and generating strong returns for investors has been at the core of our team’s work for decades in our previous successes. Those same principles are at the heart of the Opportunity Zones program and its incentives to deliver transformative, long-term, and inclusive growth to neighborhoods across America. Decennial will make smart, long-term investments throughout the country, with a deep commitment to enhancing and growing communities,” said Scott Goodman.

Decennial Group leverages the development and construction expertise of the partnership to deliver best-in-class industrial, multi-family, office and energy real estate projects located in Opportunity Zone locations. The team has dedicated investment management and asset management staff to oversee the real estate projects through the life of the fund vehicles and ensure compliance with all Opportunity Zone regulations in order to maximize tax benefits to investors.

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