Client Spotlight – Getaway



Getaway offers simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature, just a few hours outside of major cities. The cabins allow meaningful disconnection, so you can recharge and spend time focusing on what really matters.

Getaway builds Outposts (collections of tiny cabins in the woods), outfits them with the comforts of home, and rents them by the night. Everything about the experience, from the location of the land to the design of the cabins, and the lack of Wi-Fi, helps guests unplug from the stress of daily life, reset, and embrace simple pleasures like nature and a campfire. Getaway has Outposts outside of Boston, New York, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, and is coming soon to Los Angeles and four other cities this year.

Founder Jon Staff leads the innovative health and wellness movement with Getaway. After meeting Pete Davis at Harvard, the two joined forces to start Getaway in 2015. “I was inspired by my own childhood in rural northern Minnesota, as well as a road trip in an Airstream in 2014. Those seminal moments provided a deeper understanding and appreciation of tiny home living, which captures the essence of minimalism and simplicity,” said Staff.

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