Client Spotlight – Good Money


Good Money is a conscious banking platform providing best-in-class mobile services, while democratizing ownership to its customers for the first time in history. Features include superior UX, 4% deposit accounts (2% cash+2% Good Shares), cash and Good Shares-back on every purchase and customer friendly lending products.

The combination of an activist brand with D2C experience at scale, position Good Money to be a leader in the historic disruption of banking. The company is led by world-class founders who have built billion dollar+ companies with marketing experience and relationships that drive tens-of-millions of users into the ecosystem.

Good Money has the support of top investors including Galaxy Digital, Breyer Capital (Facebook), Blocktower, Boost (Draper), Ken Howery (Founders Fund and PayPal co-founder), BlockChange, Cross Culture (Marlon Nichols / Troy Carter), Struck Capital, Gil Penchina, Mitch Kapor, Peter Diamandis (X Prize), Blake Mycoskie (TOMs), Justin Rosenstein (Asana and Facebook “Like” button) and many others.

“Banking is at the core of so many problems that we face currently, from extractive capitalism, to funding private prisons, to $30 billion in overdraft fees that customers paid to big banks last year,” Gunnar Lovelace says. He sees the growth and sophistication of digital platforms as a way to make the banking process more transparent and accessible to people that have struggled with the experience of using a big bank.  Fast Company

For information, email Darcie Newton, Director of Investor Relations at  or call her at (650) 464-3169.