Client Spotlight: Imagion Biosystems


Imagine the day when cancer can be detected early enough that treatments are vastly more effective, safe and don’t make you sicker.  Imagion Biosystems (ASX:IBX) is working hard to make this a reality.

The company’s proprietary MagSense™ diagnostic imaging technology uses tiny, bio-safe nanoparticles and highly sensitive detectors to locate tumors and other diseased cells by their molecular signature. MagSense is safer and more sensitive than current medical imaging technologies and will be able to give your doctor definitive information to help guide treatment, not just identify a “region of interest.”

There have been no significant advancements in medical imaging in more than 50 years, but MagSense technology can be the breakthrough in the quest for functional imaging.  A world-class team of scientists and collaborators have spent several years developing, optimizing and demonstrating the technology and it is now time to put MagSense to work on actual patients.

“We are just a few steps (and dollars) away from beginning a human study at the world’s largest cancer hospital.  A successful outcome of this study will set off an exciting roll-out of our technology as a new diagnostic imaging technique for multiple cancer targets, enabling earlier diagnosis, better treatments and saving lives,” said CFO Brian Conn.

Indeed, MagSense technology represents a compelling and cost-effective alternative to the existing standard of care in medical imaging.  MagSense is believed to be one to two orders of magnitude more sensitive than MRI or ultrasound in detecting tumors.  In addition, capital costs for the MagSense system should be a fraction of the cost of MRI or CT since MagSense uses low magnetic fields that require no radiation shielding.

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