Client Spotlight:

KORR Acquisitions Group: Dedicated to Value Investing


KORR Acquisitions Group creates Special Purpose Limited Partnerships (SPVs) that target deep value investments and works with a select group of clients that include insurance companies, ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices . The firm’s goal is to bring value to its investment partners  through innovation, discipline and leadership. Its private equity approach is based on rigorous due diligence and fundamental analysis to identify and acquire positions in public equities that are selling at significant discounts to their private market value.

KORR screens thousands of public companies weekly to identify potential opportunities and invests in public companies that have market capitalizations of $50 million to $2 billion and offer a deep value entry price.

KORR subscribes to the deep value principles of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. Kenneth Orr, the CIO of KORR looks for a high margin of safety in any investment, in order to assure the preservation of capital.  This is a discipline Ken has learned from over 25 years of experience on wall street and is supported by his education in both mathematics at Tufts University and later, value investing at Columbia Business School.

The firm invests in companies that have an entry price which is well below its perceived present value if KORR has confidence that the investment will achieve KORR’s goals and appreciate to fair value through its  management or activism.

“Our investment opportunities must offer a good value, and the disconnect between the current market price and our perceived intrinsic value of the company must be clear. We buy shares in a company when we understand its business, the reason for mispricing, how that price disparity will converge, and when its corporate structure allows for optionality, including a successful tender offer,” said founder Kenneth Orr.

KORR’s fee structure is unique in that it does not charge management fees and instead has a success fee of 50% after a 15% hurdle. There is no lock up on investments unless in a public activist campaign.

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