Client Spotlight: Kyto Technology & Life Science, Inc.


Kyto Technology & Life Science, Inc. (OTCQB:  KBPH) invests in seed and angel stage privately held technology and life science companies that have been very carefully reviewed and selected in the United States, Canada and Israel.

Investments are either in the form of secured convertible debt accruing interest and offering a discount upon conversion to preferred shares, or directly into preferred shares. KYTO seeks seed and post-seed early stage companies with strict criteria and invests after solid validation by a sophisticated group of segment-specific experts and its own investors and board.   It maintains a relationship with each portfolio company via a signed fee-paying advisory agreement.  KYTO expects that each portfolio company will have a liquidity event within 3-4 years of receiving a KYTO investment.

KYTO does not lead financing transactions, but instead follows companies that have been thoroughly vetted by groups of sophisticated and accredited investors such as the Band of Angels or the Keiretsu Forum.  Activity is distributed between technology and life science and the geographical interest is expected to be primarily over the United States, with the balance split between Canada and Israel. These three countries have compelling start-up opportunities and infrastructures which validate the case for an investment.

The Kyto extensive deal flow and screening process enables the company to invest in the top 1-2% of opportunities from over a thousand start-up reviewed annually.

“There is no way the world can absorb the tens of thousands of worldwide start-ups every year in today’s bubble environment, and it’s likely that less than 5% will succeed. Due diligence is critical and the key challenge to investors is access to the best vetted deals. That’s where we come into play with our capital efficient value proposition to investors,” said CEO and Board Member Paul Russo.

For information, contact Paul Russo at or +1-408-605-7695