Client Spotlight – SiSaf


SiSaf is a young UK-based commercial stage biopharmaceutical company that develops drugs using its first in class bio-courier technologies.  ProSilic®, SiSafs initial offering, is a highly versatile and advanced method of drug delivery based on a patented hybrid of elemental silicon, lipids and peptides, offering improved outcomes and a faster and lower risk solution to drug development and approval.

SiSaf’s competitive advantage is based on the fact that new drug discovery is very costly, time consuming and risky. Only one in ten new drugs make it to market and it’s estimated to cost over $2.5 billion per approved drug. By reformulating approved drug molecules to improve their efficacy, safety and patient convenience, SiSaf significantly reduces the time, risks and costs associated with new drug development by utilizing  the accelerated 505(b)(2) FDA pathway. Thanks to SiSaf, the risk of clinical failure is lowered, the timeline to market is shortened and patient convenience and outcomes are improved.

The company is currently accelerating the development of its dermatology pipeline to be followed by future products delivering biologicals and gene therapies to their target without injection. Based on unique, proven and scalable technology with patent protection granted until at least 2032, SiSaf now has five products on the market through a specialist subsidiary for cosmetic skincare, and early revenue from strategic partnerships, license deals and product sales.

“There are many molecules in medical use today that have not reached their full therapeutic potential due to inherent limitations including poor solubility, stability, targeting or side effects. We don’t discover new drugs. Instead, we make existing drugs significantly better by formulating them with our ProSilic bio-courier technology,” said Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Chairwoman & Chief Executive Officer. “Silicon has transformed the information technology industry and now it’s about to transform healthcare. Like a mobile phone can house any number of apps, silicon-based ProSilic can enable an unlimited number of medicines to become more effective, stable and easier to administer.”

In the next three years, the company plans to successfully develop an additional three 505(b)(2) products for partnering/market launch in 2021/23, pursue a biologics/gene therapy  pipeline, execute partnered deals, expand into companion animal health and nutraceuticals, and be profitable by 2021.

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