Client Spotlight – VisionBank, in Organization


After a decade of community bank consolidation without a single new bank charter, VisionBank (in Organization) sees a generational opportunity to bring true community banking – and unparalleled customer service - back to the Greater Washington D.C. region, which is arguably the best banking market in the nation.

The founding team, board of directors and executive management are extremely accomplished community banking leaders with deep ties to the local community.  They have a shared passion for bringing community banking service back to Greater DC, which is a vibrant area known for high growth, low volatility, diverse and robust economy and highly educated population.

Today there is a high demand for community banking among the area’s large and fast growing deposit base. After 10 years of banking consolidation there have been no bank charters in spite of pent up demand and a frustrated customer base that is eager for a change.

“After the financial crisis, the FDIC essentially stopped reviewing new banking applications and as a result there have been very few new banks created to replace the banks that have merged and/or failed,” said Mindi McClure, Chairman and CEO of VisionBank. “Today, regulators are encouraging new banks and we are poised to capture a large and fast emerging market share.”

“As a community bank, VisionBank always puts the customer first, especially small to medium underserved customers. Our decision making is faster than at larger banking groups and an ongoing program of hands on education and customer thought leadership will empower all banking relationships,” said McClure.

For information, please visit or contact Mindi McClure, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at or (703) 215-4401.