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Technology alone cannot prevent cyber attacks.  $1 trillion was spent on technology in 2016, according to Gartner, and $3 trillion was lost to cybercrime. Unfortunately, hackers move quicker than signatures and threat intel can respond.

eSentire provides tailored security solutions to companies in order to safeguard business operations with full threat visibility, rapid response, 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) coverage, and expert security advisors. The approach harnesses the power of machine learning and the intuition of security experts to detect and disrupt known and unknown threats by understanding how attackers think.

The Managed Detection and Response service (MDR) provides a spectrum of threat protection capabilities that goes beyond alerting to disrupt threats. The system detects threats that traditional security defenses miss and responds on the company’s behalf. By focusing on the threats that matter instead of the noise that does not, the business can continue operating and risk is mitigated. Expert consultants also help the organization assess the current risk profile, identify potential vulnerabilities, build an implementation plan, and measure results. A suite of services helps benchmark and consistently evaluate the cybersecurity posture.

“A unified next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection and response solution is powered by Carbon Black Defense and a team of dedicated eSentire elite SOC experts. Our security experts rapidly deploy and optimize this industry-leading endpoint solution and tailor it to your unique threat landscape,” said Chris Braden, eSentire’s Vice President of Global Channels & Alliances. “We detect and disrupt known and unknown threats with the power of machine learning and the intuition of real people. Your firewall cannot protect you so the focus should be on a zero trust approach.”

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