Commentary from Rainbow Rangers and Genius Brands


As we look at the market events this last week and as we go forward into the election, it is vital that we point something out:


  1. They are not affected by the fed and interest rates.
  2. They are not affected by global trade wars.
  3. They are not affected by price of oil.
  4. They are not affected by Saudi Arabia.
  5. They are not affected by whether Republicans or Democrats are in office.
  6. They are not affected by Robert Muller.
  7. They are not affected by U.S. midterm elections.
  8. They are not affected by global politics.

Kids watch cartoons regardless of any of the above events.

Kids and Moms buy cartoon characters’ licensed pajamas, toys, video games, sheets, backpacks, costumes school supplies, party goods, books and all kids of products regardless of what is going on in the adult world.

Tom and Jerry is as popular today as it has been since it first came out over 50 years ago. Flintstone vitamins and cereals still sell today as well as they did over 50 years ago, despite all kinds of economic upheavals since they were first introduced.

As RAINBOW RANGERS, Genius Brands’ 1st major series on a major kids’ network readies for launch November 5 on Nickelodeon, we feel on the verge of value creation as never before.   We are completely ready with the best broadcaster, (Nickelodeon), the best time period (Mon-Friday 3pm), the best toy company (Mattel), and a creation form the most accomplished creators Rob Minkoff (Lion King) and Shane Morries (Frozen). We have over 300+ consumer products coming into the market place with 30 of the most blue-chip manufacturers of children’s products

Our launch event on November 6th at NASDAQ, is going to be very widely attended.

We will introduce the show, the product line, and explain how a successful animated series may lead to a billion dollar brand business, as it has with shows like SpongeBob, Dora, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Strawberry Shortcake, and others.

I think now more than ever is the time to communicate the opportunity regarding Genius Brands as a timely and opportunistic security amidst a very special class of securities, whose success is largely impervious to events listed above which influence the fates of other securities and the market. 

-Andy Heyward, Chairman & CEO of Genius Brands International