Family Office Investing in Blockchain Technology


Just recently, aXpire held one of the first Blockchain events for the Family Office Network. For those that are unaware, aXpire is the exclusive blockchain partner of Family Office Networks, also based in Miami, and an educator and thought leader in the digital asset space.

The event was informative, excellent for knowledge sharing, and a great introduction into the world of Crypto and Blockchain.

We were very fortunate to have prolific guests from across the industry attend the event, including the likes of Ali Hassan, Founder of Crescent Crypto, and Grace Lee, to name a couple.

The event focused heavily on what the introduction and mass adoption of Blockchain Technology could mean for private Investors and what they should be aware of prior to investing in Blockchain Technology.

aXpire’s COO (Matthew Markham) spoke about how aXpire is working with family offices to adopt blockchain enterprise technologies and the prospective of investing in aXpire's venture fund, aXpire Alternative Assets (AAA) Equity Fund, consisting of cutting-edge blockchain businesses.

If you missed the event and would like more information, please contact aXpire COO Matthew Markham (