Wisconsin Family Office Association Launches as Networking Resource for Wealthy Families and their Advisors

Family Office Networks announced today the launch of a new division in Wisconsin led by David Binder and Rachele Voigt. Family offices, high net worth individuals and the top advisors who serve them are invited to join the Wisconsin Family Office Association, which will celebrate its local kick off with an exclusive, invitation-only event to be held Tuesday, August 7th at The Journeyman Hotel in Milwaukee. Event co-sponsors are MLG Capital and Alternative Investment Resource.

The The Wisconsin Family Office Association (Wisconsinfoa.org) will serve one of the most intellectually astute family office regions in the country. The group is designed to serve the extremely accomplished single and multi-family office community by creating an environment in which to share intellectual capital, leverage their years of industry expertise, and bring unique industry-generated deal flow and opportunities.

“Our organization is dedicated to providing information, opportunities and investment resources to affluent families and individuals. We provide multi-generational support to family structures in order to ensure continued success and wealth preservation. We will offer our Wisconsin members exceptional news, information, and other resources to help ensure that they are well-positioned for future success,” said Andrew Schneider, Founder and President of Family Office Networks.

Local Managing Directors David Binder and Rachele Voigt work with MLG Capital, a private real estate firm that offers investment services to accredited institutional or individual investors. Founded on the principal of maximizing client and partner wealth, MLG Capital looks to generate superior investor returns through the meticulous execution of real estate investment strategies. MLG Capital has been an active private real estate investor for over 30+ years. The company has acquired over $1.3B in assets (approximation of current value of assets owned + value of assets disposed as of 6/1/18), comprised of over 15 million square feet of space, 11,000+ multifamily apartment units, in multiple real estate asset classes, multiple geographies, and with multiple partners.

The Wisconsin Family Office Association is open to any family office operating within the local area. There will be events, seminars, and special functions that take place throughout the year engineered to deliver the most pertinent information to assist family offices in reaching their goals.

For information about joining the Wisconsin Family Office Association or to be invited to the kick-off event, please contact Rachele Voigt at rachele@wisconsinfoa.org or 609-413-6804.

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