Family Office Networks Partners with Jet Ride

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - May 29, 2018 - Family Office Networks announced today that it has partnered with Jet Ride, the nation's fastest growing boat club, to offer families a new way to enjoy jet skiing and boating.

Similar to the ZipCar app, JetRider members simply unlock one boat or two jet skis on an unlimited basis on their smartphone with one click, enjoy it as long as they’d like, and walk away when finished. Jet Ride takes care of all maintenance, fueling, flushing and cleaning. Plus, a partnership with Yamaha means that all watercraft and boats are the best available and guaranteed new every two years.

"We look forward to introducing Family Office Networks community to Jet Ride and are offering VIP savings of up to $1,000 per year combined with personal concierge support, said Jet Ride CEO Travis Zielasko. "Jet Ride is now available at four flagship locations in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Stuart and Jupiter and plans call for rapid expansion throughout Florida and the United States."

"At $3,500 to join and $299 monthly for unlimited boating, the fees are reasonable, but the enjoyment is unsurpassed," said Family Office Networks Founder Andrew Schneider. "I'm personally a Jet Ride member and can attest to the fact that this fast-growing company is a great fit for our members. In addition to joining as JetRiders, our families have a unique opportunity to get involved with a fast growing company that is always looking for expansion capital."

For additional information on becoming a Jet Ride member or investor, please call 1-877-RIDE-PWC or visit For information on FON, please visit or contact Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO, at or 561-463-4300.

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