Family Office Networks Partners with More than Money (MTM) Vault to Host Family Wealth Events

NEW YORK, NY - April 16, 2018 - Family Office Networks announced today that it has partnered with More than Money (MTM) Vault to host a series of events designed to help substantial families take wealth management to the next level with preparation in four major areas - Values, Legacy, Gratitude and Governance. The first event will be a one-day conference with prestigious speakers on June 14 at 3 West Club in New York.

"Family Office Networks is pleased to introduce our members to MTM Vault’s Shawn Barberis and Monroe (Roey) Diefendorf as they work to educate our family offices on how best to take an active role in the 'more than money' approach to wealth management," said Family Office Networks Founder Andrew Schneider.

More Than Money (MTM) Vault is the only digital technology platform that guides families through a series of 25 deliverables designed to strengthen family unity and perpetuate their multi-generational legacy.  In addition to preparing heirs in the areas of Values, Legacy, Gratitude and Governance, the process incorporates a “Preparing Heirs Endowment Trust” to permanently provide the family with the mechanism for ongoing purposeful planning.

Shawn Barberis, JD is a 20-year veteran advisor who believed the key to acting in his client's best interests was to create a technology platform to define, protect, perpetuate and communicate family legacy, traditions, philanthropy, life experiences and core values while mitigating the high rate of wealth transfer failure. Roey Diefendorf is the fourth generation in his family wealth management business and his first-hand experience of real issues, precipitated with a one-dimensional approach to wealth, led him to redefine wealth in three dimensions.

For additional information on upcoming events, please visit  For information on FON, please visit or contact Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO, at or 561-463-4300. Membership in Family Office Networks is open to family offices and top tier industry service providers worldwide. There are numerous events, seminars, and special functions throughout the year that deliver the pertinent information required to assist family offices in reaching their goals. Additional family office associations will launch in 2018 in cities such as Newport Beach, Greenwich and Dallas. For membership options, please visit

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