FocusPoint: Addressing the Needs of Global Travelers


Global travelers should not be satisfied with the coverage of traditional travel insurance. While travel insurance speaks to the needs of the everyday traveler, extended coverage through a travel assistance membership gives peace of mind that you as a traveler will be covered for a long list of emergencies. FocusPoint aims to go beyond traditional travel insurance, filling in the holes of traditional coverage.

Travel comes with inherited risks including civil threats caused by riots, strikes and civil commotion, violent crime and even kidnappings, especially if you are considering visiting a high-risk location. Serious injury is also possible while abroad, which can be further complicated by an elaborate medical history, or a pre-existing medical condition. The fine print of travel insurance lists many conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for benefits to be paid out. Many consumers might believe they are covered under their travel insurance but will come to an unsettling realization during an emergency that they do not qualify for their coverage’s requirements.

FocusPoint offers coverage where others do not. Surprises do happen, and FocusPoint aims to mitigate travel risks and ensure the safety of our members.

Leverage the Benefits of CAP™

Vacationers, corporate and business travelers, and even students or professionals abroad can benefit from the services of FocusPoint, and CAP™ Travel and Medical Assistance benefits.

Through CAP™, vacation travelers have access to a long list of travel risk management services that can make your travel experience all the more enjoyable. Remove the possibility of having the ‘thought you were covered’ moment and travel fearlessly across the globe with CAP™.

Find Solutions to Any Travel Emergency

CAP™ members reap the rewards of global travel alerts, informing travelers of the dangers of visiting a specific location before they go. With comprehensive alerts and information on global travel, real-time information allows travelers to avoid dangerous travel experiences well before they happen.

CAP™ also offers 24/7 access to live consultations and translation services to members, helping them address any emergency while abroad. These members will also be pleased to know that in the event of a natural disaster, political threat, terrorism, or criminal violence, they can utilize the rescue services of CAP™ to pull them out of contentious situations, for no additional cost.

Furthermore, CAP™ addresses emergencies including disappearances of persons, blackmail and extortion, kidnapping for ransom, and wrongful detention.

Experience the Coverage of CAP™

The CAP™ program requires no claim forms or out of pocket expenses, just simple protection to global travelers. Take advantage of the services of FocusPoint and experience what a CAP™ membership has to offer.