Hoban Family Office Pivot Point Project

Interview with Tom Hoban, Chairman & Co-Founder Hoban Family Office & The Coast Group of Companies


What is the Hoban Family Office (HFO) Pivot Point Project?

A:   The Pivot Point Project is an education initiative under our Health and Wellness Impact Program where we provide college application counseling services to underserved high school students and assist them in getting into the college of their dreams.


Who are the people and team members involved in the Project?

A:  Our entire family and a dozen wonderful volunteers and advisors.


What inspired you to start the Project?

A:  For the past five or six years, we have been informally helping a number of students with their college application process who have come to our attention mostly through our own children.   We thought putting a larger effort together could help more students, so we formalized our processes and tools and launched Pivot Point earlier this year.


Do you have a couple of examples of people who have been impacted by the project?

A:  There are a number of success stories on the web site. One that stands out is Gat Bol. Going into his senior year in high school, Gat played AAU basketball with Phil Hoban, one of Tom’s sons. Over time, Tom came to see Gat as much more than a gifted athlete and a conversation started. Gat was a Lost Boy from Sudan who came to the US as a child refugee and eventually lived with extended family in the Seattle area. Few in his house were fluent in English. None had even contemplated going to college.

By the time Tom and Gat were in a comfortable enough relationship to talk about his future after high school, Gat missed most of the key deadlines to apply for college that year. For Gat, this was his pivot point. The more he talked with Tom and spent time with Phil, the more he began to believe he could reach high and that he was everything Tom told him he was and could be. If he was willing to work harder than he had ever worked before, Tom convinced Gat that college could be a reality for him.

Nine months later and through the support of the Pivot Point Project, Gat began his studies as a freshman at the University of Portland with a full diversity scholarship and four years later graduated with a business degree. He was the only college graduate in his family but has become an inspiration to other Sudanese Lost Boys who are now dreaming of college themselves.


What are your future goals for the Project?

A:  Our family office mandate is to favorably influence the lives of 1,000,000 souls.  We can do that through our own real estate ventures (www.coastequitypartners.com ), our philanthropic work or our own programs, like Pivot Point.   We’re hoping we can inspire other family offices to partner with us to bring the program to their own communities, so we can reach more students in need.

For more information please visit: https://hobanfamilyoffice.com/the-pivot-point-project/


Introduction to the Pivot Point Project