KYTO Technology and Life Science, Inc. Completes 18th Investment


KYTO Technology and Life Science, Inc., a public company investing in thoroughly vetted seed/angel stage start-ups, has just completed its 18th investment in Beam Semiconductor, representing its first Israeli investment.  Beam is focused on wireless 5G networks and already has significant customer traction.  All 18 KYTO investments can be seen  KYTO continues its next round funding efforts to raise $20 million, in three tranches.  The initial $3 million tranche currently underway will have a minimum of $100,000 per investment.  In the subsequent tranches, the minimum will increase to $250,000.  It is anticipated that the KYTO stock (OTC: KBPH) will begin trading once the current funding efforts are completed.

KYTO has developed a successful model to select, from thousands of start-ups, the one in fifty that it believes will be most likely to succeed – diversified as to both markets and geography.

For information, contact Paul Russo at or +1-408-605-7695