Maverick Mines to Headline FON Gold Show


Maverick Mines will headline Family Office Networks’ March 12, 2019 Gold Show in New York City. This event is dedicated to educating family offices on the current state of precious metals investing with a focus on the dynamics that drive the market, and how to preserve and grow wealth through direct investment in gold mining.

Maverick is redeveloping historic high-grade gold mines in the United States using modern technology and techniques to systematically produce bypassed resources.  By purchasing previously producing mines with known environmental footprints, its projects have the lowest overall risk, whether geologic, operational, environmental, regulatory or political.  The company’s team includes accomplished industry veterans in the redevelopment and production of high-grade boutique mines in the western U.S., as well as some of the nation’s top natural resources legal talent.

By an Executive Order in 1942 every gold mine in the United States was closed mid-production.  Even after the war, between a displaced labor pool, rising costs, and a price for gold capped at $35 an ounce, most mines were never revived, and private, independent gold mining in the US ended.  After the gold price was allowed to float in 1972, public mining companies generally preferred larger resources in low-grade large volume deposits, leaving countless high-grade smaller mines orphaned, and all but forgotten.

Maverick Mines is bringing the process and mindset of the private natural resources independent producer back to gold mining.  They are redeveloping the best of the orphaned mines and reinventing high-grade vein mining in the historic California Mother Lode.

“We are dedicated to providing rock solid solutions for wealth preservation in a real, asset-based investment that functions as an insurance policy for your financial house. Our solutions allow an allocation to gold that are insulated from the vagaries of the financial markets,” according to Randolph Marsh, Founder & CEO of Maverick Mines. He continues,

“By using private capital structures, Maverick allows capital partners to allocate to gold as well as enjoy the benefits of real estate and natural resources direct investment, all while minimizing the risks that direct mine ownership might entail.  Starting as low as $100k, up to $25 million, whether you seek an Opportunity Zone investment, secure gold flow over time, or just want to purchase gold at a discount directly from the mine, Maverick Mines has a solid solution that is right for you.

“While markets and monetary policy are in uncharted territory and systemic financial risk is building, gold stands the test of time in preserving wealth. With Maverick, you’re rock solid.”

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