Places Partners with Family Office Networks To Offer Curated Luxurious Living Experiences

Places’new partnership with Family Office Networks provides family offices with the opportunity to customize luxury getaways geared to their unique demographic and lifestyle preferences.

"We have identified real demand from our families for curated luxury stays with on-demand services such as yacht and exotic car rentals, executive chefs, and bespoke on-the-ground insights and access.  Essentially the new partnership will cater to an ultra high-end clientele seeking exclusive properties, bespoke experiences, tailored concierge services and luxury products," said Family Office Networks CEO Andrew Schneider.

Past clients include a roster of well-known models, actors, executives, recording artists, DJs, and globetrotting technology professionals. At present, Places has access to more than 3500 luxury properties around the world with 56 properties - primarily villas with ocean view - under management in the Miami market and 40 in Los Angeles. Plans call for expansion in select markets of Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.

"There are many independent local luxury property managers eager to partner with Places to offer their properties to an elite clientele via an advanced technology solution. At present, there are no comprehensive short-term stay offerings that combine high-end add-on services so we're confident that our future is bright. We look forward to welcoming Family Office Networks to Places," said Places Founder and CEO Simone Luca Sestito, a seasoned veteran of the entertainment hosting industry and a luxury real-estate professional in the highly sought-after Miami market.

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