Protect your Baby with a MonBaby Smart Button

MonBaby is a new generation baby monitor capable of tracking a variety of baby movements while keeping parents continuously connected and notified should their attention be required. Existing baby monitors provide audio and video feeds and alert parents if the baby is crying. However, if the child makes no sound and the parents are sleeping, the video/audio feed will not alert parents if the child has rolled over on her stomach or if the child’s breathing movement has stopped - it’s a silent threat. Hence, with traditional baby monitors parents may not be alerted in time if their newborn has a stoppage in breathing or has turned over on his stomach during sleep and the MonBaby was designed to solve this problem.

The patented attachment mechanism (patent no. US 14/578,904), years of market presence, solid customer reviews, ongoing device/software calibration/optimization, low cost and high-quality manufacturing in APAC allow us to position the MonBaby as the most affordable connected wearable baby monitor on the planet while still realizing excellent margins and having a moat around the core value proposition that isn’t easily transgressed by newcomers.

The company is in hundreds of Target stores across the US, has filled a 4,000-unit PO from Nestle Mexico in 2017 and has a key strategic client in Japan supplying thousands of MonBaby units to nurseries. In Japan, the MonBaby was certified as a medical device and is working to get the device certified as a medical device in Europe. The product is also sold on the company’s website, BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, Wal-Mart and others while constantly receiving inquiries from international distributors who want to bring the MonBaby to their country.

In addition to the MonBaby, the team is working on a comprehensive ‘one stop’ baby monitor solution that will combine movement, video and audio feeds while being powered by artificial intelligence to effectively identify events and notify parents. Furthermore, it will be releasing a premium analytics suite to which customers can subscribe to through the app for a monthly fee which will have in-depth summaries and analytics related to baby sleep, movement and development. Finally, it is partnering with EranElhaik, a geneticist and bioinformatician from Johns Hopkins University, to develop custom genetic testing (through the DDC) for MonBaby customers. Once the results are received and uploaded into the MonBaby application, the functionality of the device could be customized to the specific needs of each baby (e.g. adapted sensitivity of certain algorithms and additional alerts/functionality that can be added through the app).


To date, the company was funded by its founders as well as other successful entrepreneurs and industry experts which allowed the company to build an excellent and innovative product, tens of thousands of units of which were already sold.