Put Your Safety First When Visiting an All-Inclusive Resort


The recent and unfortunate events that have affected US tourists in the Dominican Republic should give pause when traveling to foreign destinations where health and safety standards may be compromised. The current death count now stands at 9 confirmed deaths by the US State Department. While the death rate, compared to the over 2 million US visitors to this island nation per year is minuscule, coincidence or not, travelers should be wise to consider the following precautions regardless of their country of destination.


  • If traveling to an ‘all-inclusive’ resort, be very mindful of consuming ice-blended cocktails or alcoholic drinks that are prepared from punch bowls and mixers
  • If you consume alcohol, consider drinks that have been locally produced with the packaging intact
    • While wine is not likely to be locally produced, it is less likely to have been adulterated than spirits
  • Ensure that water bottles have complete seal integrity
    • If the seal can be easily removed or if the bottle, of any drink, appears even slightly tampered with, do not consume it
  • Always keep your drink in sight, do not leave your beverage unattended
  • Consume alcohol away from pool areas or bodies of water
    • Having an adverse reaction to a beverage or losing consciousness near a body of water may put you at high risk of drowning
  • Use the buddy system
    • Check in with your party periodically, throughout the entire trip and especially after drinking alcohol
  • If you feel even the slightest uncomfortable symptom, contact a medical professional immediately
  • As usual, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is
    • Do not be lured by cheap or free drinks
    • Bear in mind that certain cocktails, if produced with adulterated or low-quality spirits, may be extremely harmful


CAP™ Medical customers can benefit from 24/7 medical and security advice should they have a concern regarding alcohol or food poisoning. In addition, our team of travel safety professionals can arrange and pay, on behalf of CAP™ MED protected customers for emergency evacuation as a result of medical in-patient hospitalization due to an accident or illness.


Travel fearlessly!


For more information please contact Craig Colburn at Craig.Colburn@WWFocus.com or visit www.focuspointintl.com.